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ALAC may raise objections to .health gTLD applications

18th February, 2013

Posted by ESQwire

Kevin Murphy of has reported that ICANN’s At-Large Advisory Committee may raise objections to five .health gTLD applications.

In a recent blog post from, Kevin Murphy has reported that ICANN’s At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) is set to make formal objections to five applications for the .health gTLD.
According to the post, bids from Donuts, Afilias, Straat Investments and Famous Four Media for the gTLD will be affected, as well as a bid from StableTone in China for the gTLD .健康, which translates to “.healthy” in English.
The objections come on the back of an objection request by the International Medical Informatics Association, which stated:

“These five proposals are seen as problematic by the global health community for the following reasons:

None of the applicants demonstrates that the name will be operated in the public interest.
None of the applicants demonstrates adequate consumer protection mechanisms.
All of the applicants are commercial in nature and none represent the health community.”

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