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Join Us at NamesCon Global 2020

20th January, 2020

Posted by ESQwire

We’ll be at NamesCon Global 2020 and want to see you, January 29th – February 1st, 2020 in Austin, TX! We will be holding a face-to-face discussion where we will be available to answer your legal questions. Check out the panels on which we are providing important legal perspectives: on the 30th, we will discuss developments and next steps in the UDRP (click here for more info); on the 31st, we will discuss how life events impact your domain portfolio and steps you should consider taking to protect your domain assets (click here for more info). You can also join us for a game of Ping Pong in the Game Area!

NamesCon Global is the premier event in the domaining industry, bringing together the people who build and grow this dynamic sphere of the tech world. It is an opportunity to connect with the forces that shape the domain-name economy; from governing and managing bodies to channels and service providers; from strategic investors to the end customer.

This year is the birth of the Domain Economic Forum, quantifying the domaining industry as never before, and exploring its integration into the rest of the tech world. With the Domain Economic Forum, our goal is to explore the whole domain economy in terms of how all of its elements fit together and then develop a strategy for leveraging those elements’ cooperation to grow the industry as a whole.

Domain investors are arguably the lifeblood of the domain economy, so we need them at the table for this important conversation. In order to accurately forecast the future of the domain industry and chart the best course forward, investor insights are essential. This is also a brilliant opportunity to directly shape this industry like never before.

Another crucial task we’re taking on is to better contextualize the overall value of the secondary domain market. This will help us properly gauge the size of the entire domain ecosystem. We know that reliable numbers will draw more investment and growth opportunities, so we want to solve the used-car problem. This is also squarely in domain investors’ wheelhouse!

While at NamesCon Global 2020, investors will also be able to attend sessions that will help maximize their passive domaining income, while meeting up with some of the industry’s top domain brokers. Attendees stand to gain valuable real-world lessons from these talks and panels.

Attendees will learn:

  • How the value of their portfolios, and domain portfolios in general, are trending.
  • How they can maximize their return or get the best liquidity out of domain transactions.
  • How they can connect with venture-capital; venture-capital deal volume is on track to reach an all-time high, driven by seed-round investments. This means that more businesses will be showing their faces to the world, and that starts with the perfect website and domain name.

If you’re a domain investor, this is your chance to level up: tackle those known unknowns, and even identify the unknown unknowns. You’ll be face-to-face with the most successful domain investors in the world. These aren’t necessarily your competitors: they’re also your allies in charting the course of domaining. So please join us in establishing the Domain Economic Forum at NamesCon Global 2020, and make your mark on the domain industry. This is the best place to build the strong relationships and strategic partnerships that drive this person-to-person business. We’re proud to be a NamesCon partner, and we hope to see you there.

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