Domain Name Sales, Transfer & Escrow Services


Domain Name Sales, Transfer & Escrow Services

Recognizing that traditional law firms are not well suited to meet the special needs of domain name owners and Internet businesses, was established in 1997 to fill that void.

It is the same with escrow—traditional escrow providers are not designed to handle the unique aspects of a domain name transaction. If you retain us as legal counsel for a transaction, we can help you negotiate, prepare the contract and sale agreements, and handle the transfer of funds and ensure the domain name is securely transferred from Seller to Purchaser.

Our service includes direct one-to-one contact mobile and email communications throughout the process to confirm status of funds, status of the domain name, as well as the ability to walk the parties through the domain name transfer process. Essentially, we will customize the service to your needs and level of experience. Whether this is your first domain name transaction or one of hundreds, can help you through the process. Additionally, the team can manage the DNS settings, and hold your domain name(s) in a secure account.

Domain Name Transactions

Our firm has represented some of the largest domain name owners in the industry; negotiating tens of millions of dollars in deals and handing over $100M in transactions on behalf of buyers and sellers; and in addition we have handling hundreds of domain name disputes involving multinational corporations and governments around the world. This experience can help you whether you have a $10,000 or $10,000,000 domain name transaction.

Some of the agreements that we regularly assist clients with include the following domain name documents:

  • Agreement of purchase and sale;
  • Assignment;
  • Development;
  • Escrow;
  • Lease;
  • Monetization;
  • Portfolio purchase;
  • Portfolio sale;
  • Revenue sharing;
  • Rental;
  • Search engine optimization;
  • Release;
  • Transfer;
  • Website joint venture development; and
  • Waiver.

Why Hire Our Attorneys?

It is simply unwise to engage in these types of transactions without first retaining the services of an experienced internet lawyer. Both sellers and buyers are more likely to take the transactions seriously when a professional who is providing experienced legal counsel is involved.

From its inception, was built to handle domain names—its all we do!  Let our team of counsel, and our finance and account managers help you close your transaction.  With over $100M in domain name sales under our Firm, we have seen almost every possible scenario you will encounter during the negotiation, documentation and sale process.   Let our team provide you with the “white glove” Escrow service, to reach us by mobile phone, text and email as well as:

  1. Create a customized Sale and Escrow Agreement;
  2. Secure Funds in our regulated Attorney Trust Account;
  3. Guide both parties through the domain name transfer process;
  4. Answer any questions and concerns you may have by mobile phone, text or email
  5. Provide highly competitive Escrow Fees pricing as part of the legal service;

Contact us today to learn how our “white glove” service can help you with your transaction.

Other Domain Name Legal Services

Our attorneys have represented many clients in trademark infringement cases involving domain names, and our services range from ensuring that any entity that is infringing upon your intellectual property rights cease and desist, to providing strategic legal advice on your options, and how to respond if you have been accused of infringing upon another’s intellectual property rights. We not only engage in negotiations, but we handle the research, analysis, drafting, escrow services, and legal advice; whether you are located in New Jersey, elsewhere in the U.S., Canada, or anywhere else around the world. Call 856-874-9651 or schedule a free consultation with us online today.

Since 1994, our attorneys have hundreds of dispute victories and have helped establish internationally-recognized legal precedent.

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