How to Find and Hire the Best Domain Broker

20th April, 2020

Posted by ESQwire

 You have tried to get a high-value domain name, but you have had no luck — perhaps because it is owned by a domain name investor, in which case we can usually help.  If the domain name is owned by a cybersquatter the issue may be best solved by considering the cost benefit of payment over legal action. In either case, our team is well positioned to help you.  

If you are looking to acquire a domain name asset, it is often more effective to hire a domain broker rather than try and negotiate terms on your own. Here are some points to consider when finding the best domain broker for your business.


Do Your Research 

When you are looking for an experienced domain broker, you should know that many professionals in this field will already have a fair amount of expertise.   Accordingly, you need to do your research in order to sort through your options and find the best domain broker who works with clients similar to you. As an article in Forbes explains, you should seek out brokers who have acquired and sold domain names that are comparable to the type of domain you are hoping to acquire. You should also look for a domain broker who shows a commitment to clients, and who has experience in the “domaining industry.” Acquiring a domain name can be difficult, especially when cybersquatters are involved, but the best domain broker will be able to assist you.


A Proven Track Record Will Help Identify the Best Domain Broker 

Similar to hiring any other professional to perform a necessary job for your business, you should hire a domain name broker you trust. To determine whether you are likely to have a good working relationship with a particular professional and whether you will be able to build trust, you will need to interview prospective candidates. If you were hiring a lawyer to handle an important family law matter, for example, you would not want to work with someone you could not trust. Likewise, you would not want to hire a domain broker without a proven track record in handling cases as complex as your own.


Focus on the End Result

When you are hunting for the best domain broker for your business, it is important to find a professional who will keep the end goal in mind — acquiring the high-value domain name you need for your business. The best broker will be upfront with you about the amount of time it may take to acquire the domain you are seeking but will remain focused on striking a deal that will serve your business needs and propel your business forward.


Need More Insight? Contact a Domain Name Lawyer Who Can Help

If you need assistance acquiring a high-value domain name for your company or business, it helps to have an experienced domain name lawyer on your side who can help throughout the deal.  Unlike other domain brokers, we are uniquely able to not only provide assistance in brokering the deal, but provide the legal guidance as well. With over $100M in transactions under our guidance, let us help you today.

At ESQwire, we are leaders in international domain name law, and we can begin working with you today. Contact ESQwire to learn more about how our team can assist you with domain name acquisition

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